Stress Coaching:

Stress Management-Seminar

Stress Coaching helps you to master stress in your job and daily life. Learn effective methods for your personal stress management!

Stress Coaching - Your way to a more relaxed life

Stress can overwhelm.

When high performance becomes continuous mode:

You rush  through the to-do list. Do everything simultaneously. Do not have time to concentrate. Get caught up in a thousand details - without an overview of what really counts.

What really counts? What is important - for yourself?

If you are looking for stress coaching and stress management, you have probably asked yourself these questions.

By doing so, you have taken the first step:

Stop and look at what is going wrong – what needs to be changed.

If you want a relaxed and content life, this stress management seminar will help you.

Stress Management Coaching Seminar at Byon Bay – Judith Asal

Is this seminar right for you?

This stress management seminar is a practice-oriented coaching.

You will learn effective methods to deal with your personal stress.

In the course, you will apply these methods for yourself, question thought patterns, and will also perceive stress in its positive energy. 

In this seminar you will:

  • Gain clarity
  • Dissolve disturbing blockades
  • Discover new perspectives
  • Regain zest for life 
  • Leave stress behind

At the end of the seminar you will know your way to a more relaxed life.

Effective methods

The methods you learn in the seminar can be applied easily and with noticeable success in your daily life.

By combining NLP and Time Line Therapy®, changes can be achieved particularly quickly and sustainably.

Whether you are experiencing stress at work, in studies, in family life or in voluntary work - the methods are useful in all life situations.

This seminar is NOT for you if you... 

  • are looking for business methods for better time and project management
  • want a relaxing time-out at the weekend
  • don't want to challenge yourself and try new things

It is important to me that you get maximum benefit from my stress coaching.

If you are unsure whether the seminar is right for you, please feel free to ask!

How does it feel not to have stress?

The answer is personal. What is universal, however, is that we are in contact with ourselves when we are calm.

In my view, this is the basis for contentment and happiness.

This stress coaching seminar is:

2 Days 

The Stress Coaching takes place as an in-person seminar in the beautiful setting of the Byron Shire.


NLP and Time Line Therapy® are practice-tested methods. They are simple and can be applied in daily life without prior knowledge – with success.

Motivation via Group Dynamic

The stress seminar is group coaching. A supportive and motivating dynamic is created through personal exchange.

A Long-Lasting Process

The seminar enables new perspectives and an inner change – the beginning of your personal path to more peace and happiness.

Stress Coaching: Contents

In this weekend seminar, you will learn methods for successful stress management and apply them for yourself.


Day 1 | 9-6 pm

  • On the first day of the seminar, we will look at how stress arises and how it affects us physically and emotionally. Do you experience palpitations, tension, insomnia? Are you exhausted, unhappy, and overwhelmed? What stress signals do you notice in yourself?
  • Upon a closer look: Which values, experiences and adventures from the past influence you and unconsciously lead to stress? 
  • What would you like to change? What is your goal for this seminar?
  • You will get to know the method of Time Line Therapy® with which we dissolve disturbing blockages and negative emotions.
  • On the first day of the seminar, you will find a new clarity that is often lost in stress.


Day 2 | 9-6 pm

  • On the 2nd day of the seminar, we continue to work on the dissolution of negative emotions, such as anger and rage, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt.
  • Ultimately, it's about your personal goal: What do you want to change concretely? What do you want to achieve for yourself after the seminar? You will learn to formulate your goal SMART.
  • Once the goal is SMART on paper, I will show you an effective method to "anchor" your goal in the future. You will learn to involve your subconscious in the change process.
  • What happens after the seminar? You will define concrete steps for action. At the end of the weekend, you will have a plan with which you can achieve your goal step by step.
  • The beginning of your path has been created. Now, you can continue on your way - to more peace, contentment and happiness.


Early booking bonus

If you register early, you will benefit from the early bird bonus:

  • You will receive 1 free coaching session (60 minutes) with me.

We will arrange the appointment together after the stress coaching seminar.

A great opportunity to implement your goal from the seminar. Or do you have another topic? That is also possible.

The seminar
at a glance

Stress Coaching: Seminar

6 participants

The stress management seminar takes place as a two-day seminar.

You will need:

  • Writing material
  • Seminar documents
  • two days off
  • being open to achieve your desired goal


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9 – 6 pm

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Frequently asked questions

Is prior knowledge necessary for participation in the seminar?

No, you can participate in the stress management seminar without prior NLP knowledge.

Are there any written seminar materials?

You will receive a script before the seminar. I recommend printing this out in advance for the seminar, as we will be working on it.

I can only attend one of the two days. Can I still participate in the seminar?

The two days of the seminar build on each other. Participation on only one day is not possible.

Can I cancel my booking and will I get my money back?

After your booking, you can cancel within 2 weeks and get 100% of the course fee refunded, provided the cancellation takes place 4 weeks before the seminar starts.

Up to 4 weeks before the seminar starts, you will get 2/3 of the money refunded.

4 weeks before the seminar starts, I will send you the seminar documents. Then, no refund is possible. However, you can register for the next seminar date free of charge.

This is what participants say

Judith has a very caring and intuitive way of guiding me through the coaching process. She made me feel comfortable and she motivated me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

L. P.


Judith Asal is a great trainer! Very knowledgeable and understanding. I can only recommend her coaching!

M. M.


Judith is so calm, attentive and committed. A really genuine person. I highly recommend her as a coach!

A. H.


Do you wish for a relaxed and happy life?

Stress coaching helps you to live your life the way you want to.
I look forward to meeting you!